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The Radio Tarahumara Team

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Radio Tarahumara is the combined effort of 3 groups of individuals:

The Coordinacion Estatal de la Tarahumara: a state run agency in Chihuahua that works to ensure the health and welfare of the indigenous populations in the region.

Raramuri: a major indigenous group from Chihuahua - a.k.a. The Tarahumara

Juan Gardea
Eulojio Olivas

Radio Free Network: The Radio Free Peterborough project and it's larger parent group Radio Free Network focus on community centered Internet radio broadcast initiatives. RFP/RFN aims to provide international broadcast infrastructures for culture produced and generated in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and to aid and assist other communities in their attempts to create and maintain similar initiatives in the production, development and online broadcast of "home grown" cultural content.

Steve McNabb - Co Director, Chief Technology Officer

Creator and Director of RFP, Steve has worked for 10 years as a Unix systems programmer, graphic designer and software manager providing Internet-based training solutions for major north american fortune 500 companies. Steve handles the majority of the technology-oriented services provided by RFP, and was the principal author of the RFP Do it yourself Internet Radio Guide.

Brian Sanderson - Co Director, Community Liaison, Archivist, Chief Development Officer

Employing his extensive network of community relationships and his experiences with community development internationally, Brian was instrumental in building the RFP catalogue. Brian was also responsible for organizing and digitizing the vast material currently in the RFP catalogue. Brian serves as the local "face" of RFP and co-ordinates communications with local musicians and arts organizations.

Jill Staveley - Trent Radio Liaison, Audio Data Ingest Manager

Jill was responsible for the initial drive to get RFP onto the actual FM air waves and out to the local community members: many of whom do not own computers. By bridging this gap between the "regular old" FM radio technologies and the new Internet-based technologies, Jill has enabled RFP to serve both the "online" and "offline" communities at the same time. Jill also provides invaluable local support and advice on the integration of RFP and Trent Radio's broadcast infrastructures.

John Lauder – Last Mile Consultant, Wireless Broadcast Researcher

John Lauder has been involved as a researcher on projects in collaboration with the CNRC and VLAB (as well as many other organizations). He is an inventor and pioneer in the field.

Senior Consultants:

Ian Osborn - Senior Recording Engineer and Editor

With four decades of experience in wiring, engineering, recording and mixing in both live performance and studio-based recording environments, Ian is a crucial resource for the project. With advice on everything from getting good sound of out inexpensive equipment to running an independent audio recording collective, Ian is an amazing resource for all things audio.

John K. Muir - Traditional "air wave" Broadcasting Technology Consultant

As general manager of Trent Radio, John has been instrumental in helping RFP to develop strategies for increasing community involvement, and promotional help from the community. John was also instrumental in helping RFP to establish itself as a non-profit project affiliated with Trent Radio able to issue tax receipts for charitable donations (Trent Radio is a registered charity, and has graciously extended that status to encompass RFP). John Muir has worked in the field of community radio for more than 30 years and has a keen sense of the playing field internationally.

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