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Violin makers of the Raramuri

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story by Jesus Mendoza

The violins of the Raramuri (Tarahumara) is one of the most appreciated crafts, most of the production belorinis are sold to tourists and craft shops of Chihuahua (Creel, Basaseachi, Guachochi, and Barrancas del Cobre) and in the Federal District. (Ochoa y Cortés 2002) mentioned that exists in the region of bejorinis variety of different sizes and shapes: elongated, square, circular, wide, rounded, small, medium, large and truly enormous. Some decorated with paint and other manufacturers or with heads carved with zoomorfos aspects.

As for construction materials: for manufacturing of violins, and (Cortés Ochoa 2002) mentioned that the use of a wide range of timber region, the body resonance box makes ash, elm, táscate (Junniperus spp) and other than conifer (cypress and pine or fir); the neck or arm is chamomile or ash; the arch is usually pine, chabari, elm and táscate; each of the parties stick to a liquid natural extracted from the bulb lily rakó. In the past the cords were nerves of deer or vegetable fibers, metal today are the stringed traditional Tarahumara manufacturing in almost all cases the full range of instruments Rarámuris, violas and violins, the sixth pascolera guitar, drums framework bimembranófonos, scrapers and wood maracas.

Unlike the variety of carving handicrafts that are built in the center of the country (Camacho 2002), which represent only toys that are difficult to interpret melodies, instruments Rarámuris have a solid construction and may use them musically, some are made with the technique of hitting parts and others are digging into a piece of wood.

In Chihuahua State there are many craftsmen, and one of them, is Mr. facundo Perez Bustillos who is original of tatahuichi, municipality of Guachochi, that he make a one violin in 15 days, and the price for this violin is 1200 mexican pesos (120 dollars).

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