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Romayne Wheeler

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Música para darte la bienvenida - Music to welcome you - Begrüsungs Musik

Romayne Wheeler

Biography (copied from Romanye's Website)

Born in 1942 in California. Pianist, composer and poet, receives some of his first musical influences in Santo Domingo, where he very soon comes in contact with music that is deeply rooted in nature.

Afterwards his career follows more or less conventional routes: studies in Salzburg and Vienna, graduates as composer and pianist, performs as a concert artist since 1968 and tours through Europe, Canada, USA. México, The Near East and China.

Later his contact is with the origins of mankind: his experiences with the “Hopis tribe”, (close to the Grand Canyon), conduces him to discover the intimate relation between the world of nature and the world of the soul.

While his work continues to expand relating to these parameters, new for him but immemorial to the world, he gets acquainted with reverend Luis Verplancken S.J. Through whom he comes in contact with the Tarahumara Indians. For a dozen years he visits the Rarámuri people and by assimilating another form of life and thought he adopts a decision of capital importance: leaving behind the modern world, with all of its advantages (and all of its traps), as also with all of its advances (and all of its pressures), to install himself with his concert grand in the high sierra, in the rare and fascinating world of the Tarahumaras. From then on, Romayne Wheeler begins to form a part, since 1992, of a community that initially seems totally strange to the one where he was born and where he was raised, but which today is an integral part of his world, his way of seeing things, his mode of perception, of interpreting and sharing music.

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