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Coordination Estatal De La Tarahumara

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The Coordinación Estatal de la Tarahumara is an institution of the Chihuahua State Government, responsible of orientating, coordinating, promoting, supporting and encouraging the actions, programs, projects and strategies in favor of the indigenous towns and communities of the State of Chihuahua.


The Coordinación Estatal de la Tarahmara encourages a policy that gives priority to the respect of the traditional authorities and the collective agreements of the indigenous towns and communities.


CET’s mission is to encourage the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of indigenous populations in the Sierra Tarahumara. The CET seeks to respect and recognize these communities in the context of their environment generating a relation of exchange, participation, research and collaboration in order to reach common objectives and benefits.


To be an organization that promotes, regulates and coordinates actions intended for integral development of the indigenous communities in accordance with their beleifs, customs, traditions and culture.

In the State of Chihuahua live four indigenous peoples:

Tarahumara - rarámuris
Tepehuanos - ódames
Guarojíos - makurawe
Pimas - o’obas

The indigenous population is approximately 120,000 inhabitants distributed over 23 municipalities of the state.

The CET was founded in the year of 1987. It administers the various government programmes and activities among the indigenous populations of the Sierra Tarahumara. The CET also delivers foodstuffs and blankets to the Sierra’s communities, mainly during the winter season.

The communities are being supported with fertilizer for their crops. This administration is initiating a program for the use of organic fertilizer. The CET promotes the infrastructure to provide potable water to the communities and their families while fostering the stewardship of their springs. The year 2005 witnessed the administration of 10,500 nourishing grants to boys and girls to assist in their elementary education.
Installation and maintenance of school dining rooms.

Coordination of the program that attend to indigenous urban suburbs.

Construction of hanging bridges that communicates to the communities set on the river sides or streams which flow grows during the rainfalls and separates the daily dynamic, children and adult that go to their school and their jobs.

Non conventional electrification (solar cells) to the indigenous community’s homes.
Staff of sets for the housing improvement, that consists in 12 metal sheets of 12 foot, a heater and its pipes.

The CET reactivates the program for the creole corn seed improvement, which many resistant varieties to the climates and appropriated to the different types of soil have been found.

The CET is developing a juridical and accounting support program to commons of the Sierra, specifically to those people who work on the woods.

The CET realizes a work of respectful accompaniment to the indigenous community, to their traditions, customs and their “cosmo vision” . The recognition to the indigenous Authority, “siríames”, “captains”, “ogushigames”, which from now, the agreements related with people’s strengths and communities will be taken, the needs of them and the ways to build right answers.

Having presence in the indigenous communities; mainly invited by the indigenous authorities. Consulting to the indigenous community and its authority as the fundamental element to take the decisions related to the work altogether for the development of the community, so the Government must realize the work thru the CET.

Coordinating an agend with the different State organizations to face the common objectives altogether, so they can solve the existing problems.

Cooridnation of the actions with Federal Government organization in charge os the indigenous affairs (CDI and SEDESOL), for a working joint of investment programs.
Having constant presence in the indigenous communities, mostly bye invitation from the indigenous Authorities.

Consulting the indigenous community and their authorities, as a fundamental element to make decisions related to the group work for the community development.
Coordinating the agenda with the different State Secretaries to focus on common objectives, so they solve the existent problematic.

Coordinating actions with the National Commission for the Indigenous Development (CDI) and the Social Development Secretary (SEDESOL), for the altogether investment work.

Linking with the social and private sectors, thus with organizations of the international community, will be other of the actions that should get strength and an adequate management of the supports.

Integrating a census for the indigenous population in the urban establishments.
Coordinating, channeling and maintenance of the programs with the Health Sector, for the search of shify work fo heatlh with information, prevention, detection and diseases control.

Operating a feeding program, directed to 5 years old children and low, pregnant women and old people from 65 years old and u, and handicapped indigenous people.

The CET coordinates actions with other government organizations, as the Justice Department, which is pretended to give quick, fair and respectful attention to the indigenous people in jail.

With the Tourist and Commercial Development Secretary, is pretended to work on a program where the tourist developments of the region have a participation of the indigenous community. Besides promoting the hand craft and cultural works of the indigenous communities.

Training is one of the fundamental tasks that the CET will be committed, such as financial as human and material for the development of the indigenous region.
Education is another issue where many programs are developed headed to prepare to indigenous kids, teenagers and adults.

The general development of the indigenous region will have its cleared expression in the development of infrastructure, and it will be the main objective of the work promoted by the CET.

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