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A book to check out

Listener F. Irigoyen sent a message about this book about the Raramuri's amazing sport rarajipari:

Dear Friends:

You surely have read or at least heard of “Born to Run: a Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World has ever Seen” a bestseller book by Christopher McDougall. McDougall’s pen describes the feats of Tarahumara runners at the Leadville, Colorado ultra-marathon intertwined with his mythical search of “Caballo Blanco”, an elusive gringo who lives among the Tarahumara and has leaned to run like them. The breathtaking narrative does justice to the incredible endurance and
resistance of the Tarahumara runners. Born to Run though says little about the race the Tarahumara regularly perform in their mountains and canyons. Their sport and a cultural event that in many ways define the Tarahumara people in their homeland, their sport rarajípari —the kick-ball race— is as the athletes that run it an amazing thing. For this reason Don Quixote Editions is publishing in
Kindle® format Rarajípari, the Tarahumara Indian Kick-ball Race. This book will let you know in detail the most strenuous sport regularly practiced in this planet.

The book authors are the book’s best warranty: Fructuoso Irigoyen, MD., who lived ten years among the Tarahumaras and is author of "Cerocahui, una Comunidad en la Tarahumara", and Jesús Manuel Palma, a full-blood Tarahumara who has devoted himself to study the language and costumes of his own people.

Check it out today at the Kindle Bookstore ( Disponible también en español.

El amor a la tierra.

El Correr entre los pinos, caminar por las Barrancas, sentir el viento en el rostro, ese olor a historias y pasiones. La sola idea de fundirse con el horizonte y transformarse en puro espiritu para trascender los cielos, admirar al sol mientras se eleva imponente. Todo ello es parte del amor a la tierra, de la exaltacion de los sentidos frente a la riqueza que la creacion entera sopone, frente a la sola idea del ser frente al ser. Ese es amor a la Tierra...


Un saludote a la raza de la Sierra, bendiciones.

TRADICIONES Semana Santa Rararumi HD

Mexican Drug War’s Next Victims: Tarahumara Indian Runners

A story on the Daily Beast website discusses the peril that the Raramuri face from organized crime in the Sierra.

"Camilo Villegas-Cruz is wistful when he talks about happier times, running in the shadowy depths of Sinforosa Canyon, in Mexico’s lawless Sierra Madre. A member of the Tarahumara Indian tribe, renowned for their agility and running endurance, Villegas-Cruz grew up competing in traditional rarajipari races, in which contestants kick a wooden ball along a rocky trail. But by the time he was 18 years old, he was running an entirely different kind of race—hauling a 50-pound backpack of marijuana across the border into the New Mexico desert."

Read the full article here

Spam attack!

Dear friends - we have been under attack by international spammers who have registered a huge number of fake accounts for the purpose of posting junk advertising to the Radio Tarahumara website.

I have deleted a large number of these accounts, but it is possible that we have disabled some valid accounts in the process.

If you find that your account is blocked, please contact us so we can reinstate your account.

Warmest Regards,

The Radio Tarahumara Web Team

Radio Tarahumara welcomes new volunteer translator Cynthia Medina

We are pleased to welcome volunteer translator Cynthia Medina to our project team. Cynthia will be helping us to get some of our site translated so more people can enjoy the articles and information posted here.

Donativo de Cassettes

Tengo una colección de más de mil cassettes que les pueden servir para sus transmisiones. ¿Cómo se las hago llegar?
¿Podrían venir en una pick-up por ella a Querétaro?
Son muchas cajas...
Puedo ayudarles con la gasolina.


Tarahumara clothing

I wonder if there is a way to purchase a Tarahumara men shirt, you know the ones that look like a blouse. Also, if so, what colors do they come in?

Beautiful slidshow of photographs of Raramuri from the 1960's

We offer thanks to Travis Wheatly for this wonderful slideshow of photographs of Raramuri from the 1960's - before the railroad!

My Heritage

Just found out today that my paternal GreatGrandfather was Tarahumara! My grandmother did not know anything about him but I would like to find out more about my new found heritage! I am very excited :D

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